"The most dangerous food... - Mike and Kristi
...is wedding cake."  -James Thurber

We don't want a gigantic 5-tier fancy-pants wedding cake.  I have tasted some delicious wedding cake in my day, but it always seems like so much of it goes to waste.  At this point it's just a little bit hard for me to rationalize spending hundreds and hundreds on something that will either be eaten or thrown away. 

So.  We are thinking that we will have a small 2-tier cake.  (bottom layer to ceremoniously cut, top to stash away in our freezer.)  For our guests, we would like to have a delicious, summery, strawberry shortcake.  This will probably be a sheet cake that will be cut and plated behind the scenes.  We're imagining this will be a less expensive approach, but who knows what kind of surprise we'll be in for when we meet with a baker!  While we both enjoy strawberry shortcake, this is also kind of a nod to my wonderful Papa, my grandfather, who has always adored this dessert above all others.  I think he'll enjoy it.

As an alternative, this also looks amazing:

via Martha.
And the fish-theme-crazed woman in me is in love with this beauty:
found on theknot.
Crystal Hollister
4/5/2011 07:47:53

Yummy! Good call on the Strawberry Shortcake!!! An unusual pick- very much a one of a kind choice!

11/12/2011 12:08:49

Update! (both sad and happy) We will still be having strawberry short cake, in honor of my Papa, who passed away this summer. My dear and talented cousin Sherri has agreed to make our 2-tier cake for us. I love my family :)


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