Sometimes I think my life revolves around my next meal.  I've always loved to eat, but ever since I started to love cooking a few years back food takes up an awfully large percentage of my thoughts.  I'm okay with that.

So of course, choosing a caterer for our wedding is a big deal.  We are determined to stick to our budget, but we are also determined to serve our guests a dinner that is of very best quality we can afford.  I have spent three and a half months now researching, emailing, and calling various caterers to figure out what we can do.  So far, I have only found one that I'm impressed with.  Creative Catering of Beverly has been so professional, prompt in returning emails and phone calls, and really willing to work with what we have.  I have received three different customized options from them (1 heavy apps, 1 brunch, 1 dinner) that details each little item.  They've even been happy to consider our vegetarian and children guests.  On top of it all, the descriptions of the food look absolutely amazing.  We have an appointment to meet with Gary this Saturday, and obviously I can't wait!

One problem:  I told Mike I'd be sure to schedule a couple of other caterer meetings, just for comparison, and since we have to drive so far for just the one.  I haven't found anyone else worthwhile yet!  Good thing it's a

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