We decided early on that we would be growing our flowers on my parents farm.  This was actually a 'someday' suggestion that my mother made a long time ago, before we were ever engaged.  Since my brother has a great interest and lots of horticultural knowledge, why not?  Plus, they do have an everlasting supply of fertilizer at their disposal.

Everywhere you look, wedding experts say it's crazy to take on flowers as a DIY project.  I'm not convinced.  Mike and I are pretty laid back when it comes to all the traditional wedding expectations.  I would be perfectly content with a bouquet of the wild black-eyed-Susans that grow along the edges of the paddocks, maybe tied with a little white ribbon.

In a couple of weeks we plan on taking a trip east, and we'll have some time to sit and look at seed catalogs.  Can't wait!

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