Isn't this alternative to a ring pillow beautiful?
I'm not sure if we'll have a ring bearer, never mind the need for something fancy to carry our rings on.  But if we did this would be a strong contender.  The combination of natural elements and pretty textiles does it for me.  Doesn't get much more earthy-crunchy than this!
I'm not with any band and I realize that's a corny post title but it's late at night so cut me a little slack.  What this post IS about is our wedding bands.  We got them!  I'm guessing this is way early on any regular timetable, but I am glad that we did.

When we started thinking about where to ring-shop, we decided we'd prefer to support a small local jeweler.  Several people had suggested checking out Glennpeter.  Although I doubt anyone from upstate New York will ever read this, I highly recommend them.  Mike and I had decided ahead of time that matching bands weren't really a priority for us - we both have very different tastes, and we thought it would make more sense to each find a ring we adored.  And that is exactly what we found. The whole experience was much easier than I ever anticipated...much like my dress-shopping experience we knew what we wanted and the wonderful staff helped us find it pretty quickly. 

As an aside - although our bands won't match, we do have plans for some corny engravings for the insides. 

Now we get to wait over a year to wear them!