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If I can't show off my own dress yet, at least I can show off this pretty one!
Sage N Thyme Designs, Etsy
Our flower girl, my friend Patty's daughter Sophia, will look adorable.  Here she is below, "helping" us cut tulle.
yes, that's Lucy in the background with a reflective cone on her head
I love baby's breath.  Only by itself, of course.  I agree with anyone who thinks it's tacky as a filler flower.  Alone, it's gorgeous, ethereal, simple.  But also, cheap.  So when I called a florist to get quotes for baby's breath and daisies, I did not expect to hear it would be more than $500.  This has led me to scour the internet for videos teaching me how to make my own bouquets and boutonnieres...and here is my first attempt!
Thoughts?  I welcome any comments and criticisms...I want to get this right!